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We are pleased to announce collaboration between JANSi and SPT Labtech in the North American market - 12 Oct 2020

A Distribution Agreement between JANSi and SPT Labtech, a global leader in the design and development of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications will enable SPT Labtech to promote JANSi's plate hotels and scanning imagers for macromolecule crystallography to new and existing customers.

The automation of protein crystallography screening is critical to delivering quality high-throughput” structural biology structural biology. SPT Labtech's mosquito® and mosquito LCP® liquid handlers have a long proven track record helping laboratories to improve productivity through precise nanolitre pipetting technology. Working downstream in the process, JANSi's imaging solutions deliver rapid in-situ detection of protein crystals.  By harnessing the products' combined capabilities, laboratories benefit from greater accuracy, reproducibility, and efficiency in protein crystal screening.

Chuck Luke, Structural Biology Sales Specialist at SPT Labtech, said, "Our academic and life science customers are increasingly turning away from manual processes and embracing Increased automation to optimize their workflows.  Laboratories of all sizes will benefit from access to SPT Labtech and JANSi's deep respective knowledge in liquid handling and imaging for protein crystallography through a single promotional channel.  We are confident that customers will benefit from the extension of our capabilities through access to JANSi's products and experience."

Dr. V. Nagarajan, CEO at JANSi, said, "SPT Labtech's mosquito crystal has a well-deserved reputation as the crystallographer's favorite liquid handler. Through our existing collaborations with the SPT teams in China and India, we already know that customers appreciate the ability to combine our imaging products with SPT Labtech's ‘walk up and use’ instrumentation. We look forward to working together in North America to help our customers make the most of their protein samples and improve the success of their research efforts.."

The agreement covers the North American market and was effective 14th September 2020. It grants SPT Labtech promotion and distribution rights for JANSi products while allowing JANSi promotion rights for SPT Labtech's mosquito crystal instruments.

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