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Browser-based image management software


WebView, a browser-based image management software can be accessed from any networked computer with proper credentials. The number of simultaneous users is limited only by the network bandwidth and the capability of the server. The landing page can be tailored by administrator to include as many fields as necessary. A powerful search function allows boolean searching by many different variables such as a screen condition, name, score, annotation, etc. An easy hand scoring function is available.

An entire plate can be viewed with toggling between different subwells, imaging modes and lenses. Screen condition and plate level annotation are displayed. Comments can be added or edited. 


In Drop View, subwells can be inspected in greater detail, and magnification;  brightfield and UV images can be overlapped, and interesting features can be measured. Drop history and individual slices can be viewed. Drops can be scored and searchable, well-level comments can be added.

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