Crystal Clear Images


Visible and Ultraviolet Imagers

Manufactured in the USA

Manual, and programmed scanning imagers and temperature-controlled, robotic plate hotels for macromolecule (protein, DNA and RNA) crystallography

Classifying protein crystals from non-protein crystals in crystallization drops has been a long-standing problem in protein crystallography. The ultimate differentiation is through X-ray diffraction. However, X-ray diffraction is impractical in many situations as the crystals could be too numerous or even too small to harvest and mount. There may also cases where the crystals are masked by precipitate and even visual inspection may miss these crystals. UV fluorescence from crystallization drops can highlight protein microcrystals and crystals hidden by prceipitate. UV transmission images can highlight nucleic acid crystals and protein crystals whose fluorescence has been quenched by, for example, small ligand molecules.

With over 150 installations around the world, JANSi UVEX  has become an important tool in many crystallography labs for rapid in-situ detection of protein crystals.

Right - Top: Image with crossed polarizers; Middle: Brightfield image; Bottom: UV fluorescence image



Manual Imager

Virtually maintenance free. Easy to set up and easy to learn to use. No training needed.


Automated Plate Scanning Imager

Automatically scans SBS and Linbro footprint plates, including LCP glass plates


256 SBS Plate Hotel

Stores up to 256 SBS plates

Offered with or without refrigeration

With UVEX-P installed

Can image up to 200 96-well plates per day in brightfield and UV mode 

CD Screenshot.jpg


640 SBS Plate Hotel

Stores up to 640 standard SBS plates

Without refrigeration but offered with or without thermo-electric cooling

Compact footprint


Control Software

Intuitive and powerful control software for all our imagers. Easy to use with a shallow learning curve


Image Management

Browser-based image management software allows users to - follow the progression of the experiment, score images manually or automatically and search for conditions that produce hits


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