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Instrument Control Software


The same piece of software  controls UVEX-M, UVEX-P or the plate hotels. The user interface is built up of layers so that new layers are turned on when we go from UVEX-M to UVEX-P and from UVEX-P to Plate Manager. The buttons and settings are intuitive and straightforward. Software updates are easily done through remote connection. Software can be easily transferred from one Windows computer to another.

For automatic scanning, users must specify necessary parameters prior to scanning. These may be modified at any time and optional parameters such as screen, project, etc. can be added as well. Because the software is built up of layers, users can also manually inspect drops and capture images and have the information automatically entered into the database.


In plate hotels the occupied locations are color coded to indicate if their residents are in the scan schedule, have not yet been added to the schedule, or have been through their full schedule, whether they have been marked for one time imaging, etc. Plates that don't need to be stored or that may not fit in the storage racks can be moved to the microscope from the loading port and imaged. Users can search for plates using many criteria, including barcodes, which makes plate management a breeze. Multiple buttons allow users to move plates, image or remove from storage. Third-party barcodes are easily incorporated into the database via a user-friendly settings panel.

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