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Temperature-controlled storage cabinet for imaging and plate management

  • Capacity: 256 standard SBS, or 344 low-profile SBS plate or 424 LCP glass sandwich plates

  • Racks can be allocated to accommodate all three plate types and for increased capacity

  • Capacity can be upgraded on site 

  • Built-in cameras for remote monitoring

  • Quiet, built-in DC compressor to keep temperature constant in the 4 - 30 C range

  • Loading port accommodates taller (VDX type) SBS plates as well

  • A non-refrigerated version also is available

  • On casters and adjustable feet so repositioning or moving between rooms is easy

  • A built-in UPS in the power supply box ensures continuous operation and in case of black outs helps to move the axes of the plate hotel to a safe position to protect the instrument and samples 


  • All the motors are driven in hybrid stepper mode which makes for smooth, quiet, and fast operation

  • Stall detection is set such as to stop motors if unusual amount of resistance is encountered in order to protect the user, the instrument and the samples

  • Sensors to ensure smooth transition of plates between loading port, storage racks and imager 

  • Plate handler slips under the plate and lifts for pick up and does not risk dropping a plate

  • Built-in barcode reader works with plastic trays as well as LCP glass sandwich plates

  • Plates are tracked as they are moved in and out of the hotel; removed and re-introduced

  • About 180 96-well plates can be imaged every day (with one lens and a BF and a UV image per drop)

  • Includes a PC loaded with software, monitors, external hard drive, and a barcode printer with 7000 labels


Dimensions: 90 cm x 72 cm x 212 cm
Weight: 350 kg
Power: 110-240 V, 50Hz/60Hz, 0.5kWh

An existing UVEX-P can be integrated into our plate hotels for significant cost savings.*

* Warranty on existing UVEX-P may have to be extended

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